Nutrition and wellness have always been passions of mine. I spent 30 plus years as an attorney but knew one day I wanted to help people lead healthier lives. While practicing law I not only cooked at home, but gave cooking classes and catered events. To realize my goal I obtained a MS in Nutritional Sciences by going to night school. As an English major, had someone ever told me I would not only take but enjoy and pass organic and biochemistry I would have told them they were mad. But I loved it. So, as my adult children embarked on their adult lives I left my law career and embarked on some new adventures which ultimately led me to where I am today. I spent a year making organic extra virgin olive oil in Santa Ynez, California. In 2018 I volunteered in Uganda working with orphans and single moms.
After Africa I came to Florida thinking it was a temporary stay while I figured out what I was going to do next. I had the good fortune to land in St. Pete Beach.
My core philosophy is keep things simple. That applies to not only food, but life. Balance is also a critical theme for me. We can get out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our society is one of constant stimulation or entertainment so we are disconnected from ourselves.
My goal is to help others live a healthy life based on finding a holistic balance of body, mind and spirit.

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