Sports Massage St Pete

Sports Massage St Pete

Many athletes love a good sports massage after a day of intense workout and training. This is because the intense strain on the muscles, bones, and tissues put a great deal of stress on the body. A sports massage will make sure to improve athletes’ performance by improving mobility and preventing injuries. Peaceful Warriors Wellness center specializes in sports massage in St. Pete, among many other massage techniques.

Sports massage vs. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages, as the name suggests, involves the application of manual pressure onto the deep tissue layers of the body. Meanwhile, a sports massage involves the manipulation of muscles intending to improve and prevent injuries. Its main goal is to speed up recovery, improve mobility, pain, and soreness to help with athletic performance. 

Benefits of a sports massage

Pain reduction is the most sought-after benefit of a sports massage. During a massage, your brain releases significant levels of endorphins and other feel-good hormones. Accumulated waste products from a day’s worth of strenuous activity are also removed by improving the body’s blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Furthermore, this helps promote tissue and muscle repair.

Tension release is another great benefit of a sports massage. Muscle knots and strains are relieved through stretching of the fascia that encloses the muscles of the body. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is another concern that would benefit from a good sports massage. It’s a common occurrence in athletes and people who go to the gym.

Does a sports massage hurt?

Most people who receive sports massages find it uncomfortable in the beginning. All your muscles are tensed and contracted right after playing sports or heavy training. This is why it could get uncomfortable when your therapist proceeds to put pressure on the muscles. However, this classifies as good pain, as it’s only an indication that the technique is working.

It should not be anything beyond what you can handle and usually improves during the session. Take note that everyone has a different pain threshold. Always let your therapist know if you ever encounter any pain that’s beyond normal with your sports massage in St. Pete.

What happens in a sports massage?

A well-performed sports massage involves a quick assessment of your muscles and the surrounding tissues. After that, your therapist will proceed to warm up the muscles to further increase blood circulation to the area. This is crucial to ensure that there will be no injuries. Moreover, this process alone begins the process of muscle healing. The therapist will focus on specific points on your body that require more work instead of targeting the whole body as in a standard massage. Your muscles will also be stretched gradually to improve mobility as well as to improve tissue elasticity.

For booking your very first sports massage in St. Pete, visit Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center. They’re home to therapists with many years of experience in different massage specializations including but not limited to sports massage.

Sports Massage St Pete

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Sports Massage St Pete

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