What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-touch or gentle-touch therapy that is based on Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The process is that a reiki practitioner will gently hold their hands above or gently touch the patient to help guide this energy in a way that helps the body balance it and allows the body to begin healing itself. 
Reiki was developed by a Japanese Man in the 1920’s named Mikao Usui. The name comes from two words in Japanese “Rei” meaning universal, and “Ki” loosely meaning lifeforce energy. There isn’t solid scientific evidence that shows this energy field involved in Reiki exists, but the procedure is still found to be very relaxing.

What does a Reiki Massage look like?

Reiki has been used alongside other treatments for pain, anxiety, and depression. It alone hasn’t been proven to treat those conditions.
A reiki session begins with the client, fully dressed, to lay on a table. Depending on what is being addressed, the practitioner will have the client lay face up or face down. Depending on the practitioner they may begin with some sort of short ritual to create a safe energy space in the room. Then they will open up your chakras one at a time, from root to crown.
Then the practitioner will position their hands above or gently on the body to help create balance of energy in the client’s body. Many clients report sensations such as heat, pulsing, or tingling where the hands of the practitioner are. Some don’t notice any changes. At the end of the session, the practitioner will close the chakras and end the session. Then opening up for discussion with the client about their experience and how they feel. 

Who can Practice Reiki? 

People who can practice Reiki have trained with a Reiki Master and completed an apprenticeship including one or more rituals. There isn’t an official or nationally certifying exam, but there isn’t a licensing requirement either.
These rituals to become a Reiki Practitioner are apart of a process called Attunement. Which a Reiki Master opens what are known as energy channels in a person’s body.
There are a few degrees of attunement, known to reiki supporters as:
First Degree Attunement, which gives a person the ability to practice reiki on themselves.
Second Degree Attunement, which fives someone the ability to practice it without direct contact/touch
Third Degree Attunement (or Master level) gives someone the ability to give others attunement rituals.

Does Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center offer Reiki?


Yes we do! 
I invite you to learn about Reiki and experience it. When you’re ready, contact me 727-822-8866 or email camilla@m4n.567.myftpupload.com for a session at Peaceful Wellness Warriors in downtown St. Pete. Until then, be well and be balanced.