Here are blogs about our modalities here at Peaceful Warriors. Learn more about our therapists, and what we can do to help you Feel Better, Move Better, and Be Better.

Understanding the modalities used in our sessions is part of the journey to Feeling Better, Moving Better, and Being Better. Blogs contain content about our massage therapists, acupuncturists, and youtube videos!

Holistic Health: Wellness Journey

Holistic Health: Wellness Journey

Nutrition and wellness have always been passions of mine. During my 30+ years as an attorney in California, I shopped the farmers’ market, cooking healthy meals with seasonal ingredients at home, gave cooking classes and catered events in my spare time. I envisioned ultimately helping people live healthy, balanced lives as my full-time mission. 

I took some classes at a holistic health school, but decided that I needed to know more about the science of nutrition and wellness, so I earned a MS in Nutritional Sciences at night, a major achievement for a former English major to not only pass, but enjoy, biochemistry.

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