Here are blogs about our modalities here at Peaceful Warriors. Learn more about our therapists, and what we can do to help you Feel Better, Move Better, and Be Better.

Understanding the modalities used in our sessions is part of the journey to Feeling Better, Moving Better, and Being Better. Blogs contain content about our massage therapists, acupuncturists, and youtube videos!


Foam Rolling and Why You Should Try It

One of our popular techniques here in Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center is part of our Therapeutic Massage service called Myofascial Release. Myofascial Release is a massage therapy technique that releases a broad area of muscles that would be causing pain or discomfort. The use of knowledge of muscle connectivity and trigger points across the body helps narrow down what is causing the pain but isn’t directly the source of the pain. For example, being you may have knee pain, but looking at the hip and back muscles and ankle may be the areas that are tight and causing the knee pain. It’s similar to deep tissue, without it necessarily deep pressure.

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Post COVID-19 Vaccine Massages

Post COVID-19 Vaccine Massages

As COVID-19 vaccines are being administered across the country, the number is growing every day. We wanted to start discussing how long client’s should wait before receiving a massage post injection. There are currently 2 doses about a month apart for the vaccine. If there is no allergic reaction initially- people will find to be in some form of discomfort for the next few days. Usually some form of swelling/tenderness/pain at the injection site.

We highly recommend to wait 3 days post injection (for each one- the first and second dose) before getting a massage. As with any massage as well- we want our clients to be feeling 100% and not ill when getting a massage for their safety and the massage therapist’s safety.

More information in regards to this can be found here:

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