How Massage Can Be Apart of A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy immune system requires balance & harmony. Like most coworking systems with its many parts must be in tune and in sync with each other. Currently, there is no solid scientifically proven lifestyle for best immune system performance. But there are some things we know that affect the immune system that we can be mindful of or start adding to our routines:


-No Smoking

-Consuming more fruits and vegetables/more balanced diet

-Thoroughly cooked meats 

-Moderate/Low Alcohol Consumption

-Adequate Sleep Regularly

-Washing Hands regularly to prevent disease

-Minimize Stress 

-Regular Exercise


Many of these can be met with some routines such as going to the gym, walking/running regularly, and physical-oriented hobbies. Cooking fresh meals at home or eating fresh veggie-oriented meals when out. Turning off your phone notifications, setting boundaries, and meditation. Regular hygiene such as taking a nice hot shower or bath, washing hands regularly, taking self-care time. And massages. Massages are a nice  1-2 times a month routine most anyone can do to help their healthy lifestyle or immune system. Especially a therapeutic massage, relaxing can too, assist with:


-Insomnia from stress, to get more sleep.

-Helps with anxiety, so reduce stress

-Help with aches and pains physically 

-Assists with reducing blood pressure


-Digestive Disorders

-Escape from reality for an hour or so 



Here at Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center, we can assist you in your wellness journey. We provide several modalities of massage therapy to help your body Feel Better, Move Better and BE Better. As well as Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, Reiki, Reflexology, and Holistic Nutritional Counseling. Through these, you can hit major aspects of taking care of your health in a clinic and holistic environment. 


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